Biology studies can count on Kalstein

In the biological field, there are many tests and research techniques that need the right devices and instruments to obtain reliable results, so Kalstein is for you.

Whether it is a medical laboratory or a chemical laboratory, your inventory must be perfectly equipped with the highest technology available, so that you can carry out samples and research with reliable results. For this reason, we ask you to take a break to evaluate the following offers we have for your market.

One of the most essential procedures in a daily routine within a laboratory is the analysis of DNA and RNA through electrophoresis. you don’t need to be a complete professional in the field, but your employees know quality, that’s why they know Kalstein. But now let’s talk about the Mini-Electrophoresis system.

Electrophoresis is a technique used in laboratories to separate macromolecules by size. The technique applies a negative charge to move proteins towards a positive charge. In addition, through an electrophoresis system it is possible to test the plasmid, being this a good advance in terms of understanding why bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.

In this case, we present a mini-electrophoresis system designed for RNA and DNA analysis entirely designed and developed by Kalstein. That’s why we offer two models, the YR401 and the YR402.

The only difference between these two models is their input power, being the first AC100~120V 50~60Hz and the second AC100~240V 50~60Hz. They are compact, lightweight and easy to handle electrophoresis systems. Both models have a magnetic sensor that allows current to flow to the electrodes only when the cap is in place. If the cover is removed while the system is running, it will close immediately. It is ideal for many applications, including North and South erasure, cosmic library restriction analysis, microsatellite analysis, PCR fragment analysis, DNA fingerprint analysis and high-performance analysis.

Its bath dimensions are (WxDxH) 110 x 121 x 43 mm, the bath volume is 230 ml. The maximum power of these models is 40 W and the overall dimensions are (WxDxH) 190 x 130 x 60 mm.